Analytics-based Web Design Hong Kong

Data-Driven Web Design brings you higher performance website

Most of the days, wesites are designed purely on aesthetics. However, does beautiful websites gives you high performances? At BoolooLAB, we strive to build websites that are well designed and drives growth.


98% of our customers enjoy our services as the web site looks great, and it works.

Why do our customers love BoolooLAB?

As a Hong Kong Website Design Agency, BoolooLAB are growing with our customers.
We strive to deliver life-time growing websites.


Design with Data

Capture hard-to-get ROI metrics and behavioral results from your cusotmers to build web sites love with buyers.


User's needs are the #1 Priority

Your customers' behavioral changes every day. That's why we keep on improving your website usability to fit what your customers needs.


Stand out from the competition

Rise above the noise in competitive markets with analytics-based web design that differentiate your products in the market.

Unlock your digital potential

An Experiment LAB for Web Designs

Creating digital experiences that transform your users behavior into great design ideas, continued experimentation and constant invention. It is a new way in Hong Kong.

How we work?

The process is defined as a sequence of steps. When followed, it helps to achieve a goal. We consider it - the art of thinking through.

Step 1
Research & Review

We research the data from Google Analytics, Facebook, websites of yours & rivals and come up a detailed plan on how to move forward. 

+ What are your customers looking for?

+ Which product / service should we put on appealing area?

+ Which area capture highest eyeball?

+ Which keywords can help you bring more traffic?

+ Which page / products are currently bringing in the most leads?

Step 2

BoolooLAB builds towards your vision, using our expertise to sculpt your ideas into the desired website.

Step 3

Time to launch to the public and collect data for next step!

Step 4
Experimentation & Evaluate

Improve the usability by getting the data and get more traffics!

BoolooLAB's Core Services.

We are different to many Hong Kong Web Design companies.
We are a results-focused company that believes data is important to drive greatest successes.

Website Assessments

To recommend how to enhance existing website

Just HK$5999

Original HK$7999

Website Design

for company with tech

Suitable companies with it's own technology team.
We will build the first website design for you base on market research and data research.

Just HK$5999

Original HK$7999

Data-driven Website Design

To recommend how to enhance existing website

Just HK$18,000

Original HK$7999

Data-driven eShop Design

To recommend how to enhance existing website

Just HK$5999

Original HK$7999

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